Our company

MOLTER + PINK GmbH was established by Mr Willi Molter and Mr Stephan Pink in 1987 and is operating in the field of metal processing mainly in fixture and tool construction. Originally located in the area of St. Ingbert, Mr Molter and Mr Pink had to find a bigger location as the firm was literally bursting at the seams after almost 4 years. In the district of Hassel, close to St. Ingbert, they have found a warehouse which has been rebuild into a production hall which has also been enlarged in 1997.

While the firm has expanded, the number of employees has also increased accordingly. Besides the 2 founding partners, in the firm are currently working 6 technicians, 1 commercial clark and 1 driver.

We are able to manufacture complex fixture constructions (hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanic), tools, machinery components, complex single or spare parts according to the clients's construction or, if requested according to available samples. As we are working together with external firms we are also able to provide you with constructions and manufacturing parts according to the client's request. We are specialized in manufacturing of special collets and clamping sleeves as well as complete collet chucks as per provided drawings.

Since Molter + Pink GmbH has been founded, we are operating as suppliers in several industrial sectors. Our clients are based in the fields of automotive and their supplier industry, audio and video industry, machinery and plants, agricultural machines and printing machinery and as well in foundry technology and metallurgical industry. As the client's requirement of quality has significantly increased in the last years, the suppliers are expected to be provided with an appropriate certificate. Therefore, Molter + Pink GmbH has arranged to introduce such quality certification system as to DIN EN ISO 9002.

On August, 7 in 2000 GZQ GmbH Saarbrücken has approved the introduction and application of such quality certification system as to DIN EN ISO 9002 and Molter + Pink GmbH has received the equivalent certificate. On September, 12 in 2003 we have been finally certificated as to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

In order to improve the flexibility of the firm, Mr Willi Molter and Mr Stephan Pink have established a second mainstay, the company M+P Härterei GmbH located in Saabrücken. This heat treating company is an important component in the line of manufacturing in the metall processing industry. We can proudly announce that we currently have up to 700 clients located in the areas of Saarland, Rhineland Palatinate, Lorraine and Luxemburg. M+P Härterei GmbH employs 12 employees and was certificated as to DIN EN ISO 9002 in June 2000. Both companies of the Molter + Pink group have amended the existent quality management according to the latest regulations of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 at the year end of 2015 and have been certified by GZQ. The equivalent certificate is available under certificate 9001:2015

In the last years, the corporate philosophy is following the lead of complete solutions, i.e. the supplier is spotted with a problem, which is supposed to be solved in a constructive and manufactured way. For this reason, we have decided to search for partners in the fields of construction and hydraulic / pneumatic controlling technology. We are now able to offer this multiply requested complete solution.

The significant advantage for our clients is to have only one contact person in the firm who is able to answer all questions and requests.
We are looking forward to make business with you.